CommitRobbery is proud to announce the arrival of TEAMCRFB. We're aiming to bring on-board as many talented Like-Minded Fingerboarders, Content creators & Multitalented chads as we can. With the goal of working together to produce a variety of content - from Edits & Clips to Art-work and much more. 



Please welcome @doriionita to TEAMCRFB - Dori is an avid filmer & editor with a passion for producing edits & clips with a personal touch resulting in a product that greatly reflects this brand and the grittiness around it. Dori is joining the team as our video editor and will be working closely with the whole team to produce edits on a more frequent basis. With 3 years of filming/editing experience & extensive knowledge of Mini DV cameras, we're confident and happy to welcome a like-minded & talented individual on-board!


Jahdshands - Leon, Our new In-House designer. Jahd has been fingerboarding since 2008 and has skated for 6 years on top of that, a very welcomed addition to TEAMCRFB. Not only sporting knowledge of the scene and subcultures, Jahd also has a passion for filming and editing with over 10 years of experience, a diploma in communications design and a crazy portfolio to boot ( Jahd will be the soul creator behind CR's very own Zine which will be a free addition to all orders from now on, all credit for that work goes to his amazing talents. Beyond stoked to be working alongside you mate. Welcome aboard..


Mind.fb - Anna, Our second Australian based rider joining the TEAMCRFB ranks. Anna has blown our mind with the amount of skill she has picked up in such a short period of time. With an incredibly controlled and uniquely aggressive style of riding and super creative lines, every Mind clip is an improvement on the last. With the support of this amazing community and the rest of the team I'm positive Anna will be receiving more than just this sponsorship. Congratulations & Welcome to the team! 


Oldirtyfingas aka Finga Hawk aka Papafliptrick aka one of CRFB's many creative heads. Rocking an incredibly controlled but aggressive style you'll find yourself watching every edit on repeat just to catch some of the wild stuff he manages to pull off.. Combine that with a ridiculous talent for skateboarding (@papafliptrick) ends up resulting in an aesthetic that is realism focused. ODF will always be a welcomed member to the team.



The second rider joining us simultaneously, Staycheezy. Cheezy is a consistent and focused rider, the style he has developed is controlled but intuitive which allows him to work around obstacles while maintaining a great flow. Talented self-filmer also which makes for some satisfying clips. #Glasstablegang 


The final rider joining us simultaneously. The homie Fngrfck. Fngrfck was an obvious choice to make on this final position. Sporting an aggressively unique style brought together by raw editing and visuals it was clear he would fit right in. Also an incredibly talented digital artist that deserves recognition for his work within the community. Link to purchase some of his work below.