About CRFB

Established early august 2020. 

I started exploring the idea of producing fingerboard products & supplies early 2020. I have always struggled personally to find a passion or interest for anything long term due to suffering from the bullshit that comes with having ADHD. However, Fingerboarding has been an outlet I have used for the past few years to help express myself creatively in different ways. Finding something I actually have a passion for allows me to maintain focus and attention I never thought was possible, I'm hoping this can translate into a product and service that is unique and personalised. This venture has been beyond therapeutic to my goals of achieving a happier life. What I aim to achieve is to produce new, fairly priced & innovative supplies/obstacles/products and services for the Fingerboarding community. I love sharing my work with others to appreciate and enjoy with the hopes of it making others happy also. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Your time, business & support means the world to me.